Next-gen Linux Desktop is here.

Powered by you, made for you.

Aurora is a clean and reliable desktop operating system, with so much stuff built-in you'll never get configuration fatigue again.

Aurora for end-users

Aurora is the image for people who want a reliable, safe and smooth computing experience for everyday tasks and beyond. The OS for hobby-stargazers.

Simply delightful.

Aurora features Vanilla KDE Plasma for a super smooth and delightful desktop experience that can be customized indefinitely.

Speed and Reliability

Perfectly tuned and optimized, for maximum efficiency and reliability like a heavy rock. Smooth af.

Zero Maintenance

Install the systems once and forget about maintenance. Updates are automatic. Upgrade your system in one-click, including all your apps.

Hardware Support

An image for everyone. Hardware support includes built-in Nvidia GPU Drivers, support for Surface Devices and ASUS devices.

Aurora for developers

Are you a pro at stargazing? The developer experience edition takes the great foundation and cranks it up to eleven.

Brew, on tap.

Get your beer glass and fill it up with some awesome tools. Aurora-DX comes with a one-click installer for brew and is safely integrated so it doesn't mess with your host system.

Containers, how you want it.

The container ships are here. Docker and Podman come preconfigured to suit every type of workflow, including containerized a CLI experience. And with Ptyxis, the container-focused terminal, your distrobox is only one click away.

Preconfigured and ready for serious work.

Visual Studio Code is preinstalled and already preconfigured to support devcontainer workflows. And with a single command, you can grab Jetbrains Toolbox if you like coffee more.

Let the robots take over.

If you fancy local LLMs or do any kind of machine learning work, Aurora has you covered there too. Run private LLMs with preinstalled OLLama or spin up a pytorch distrobox for some serious AI work.

Get Aurora

🚀 Ready to ride the rocketship? Pick your hardware configuration and download the ISO.